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My current show is solo acoustic, and can be originals or covers.

I generally do two sets of 45 min each, but this can be varied to meet the need.

My shows can be all Country, all Flogging Molly, all Rock or any combination desired.

I also have played other genres and styles and do so on request.  

I have played a few hundred shows, as well as major gigs as a house entertainer, tourist bar, college bar, openings at fairs,  radio play, corporate affairs and charity events as well as album sales in the US.


My original songs are from my albums,

"Easy Drive to Work, War & The Beach",

and my earlier compilation albums such as "Swinging My Fists With A Smile".

They sound like Flogging Molly, Social Distortion, Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, CCR.


A word from Brad on the solo acoustic storytelling, image and focus of his show...

Classic movies have the cowboy saloon. Film noir has the nightclub or pub . Combat movies have battle songs ..... It sets the mood. It gives you that fighting spirit and tells your story as a fighting man. Same for me

Thats why no matter what I’m playing, rugged western ballad,  tough rock, nightclub gangster jazz, acoustic or electric..... It's all what I call,

"Tough Guy Rock, Classic American Cool"


It's for cowboys, sailors, gangsters, immigrants and soldiers in and out of uniform...... It's about  "American muscle."

In my Original songs, I want to tell a story. For "Swinging My Fists With A Smile" it was tensions of moving from remote western towns to live in major cities, and  covers the many singing styles and characters I am, and have lived.

The story of "Easy Drive To Work War & The Beach" is the story of an American western outlaw fighting for the last remnants of his outnumbered people and his island nation across the Atlantic. 

The independence of his America, his national homeland and his own life and death all at stake in one adventure. Once he reaches the big city, he opens a bar and has to bring in tourists and customers, and fight bad guys. But he discovers the West isn't Far Enough to escape all the conflicts that surround him on every level. He survives a rough sea battle in the Pacific, fighting sharks on a sinking ship, fleeing from Hawaii where he thought he would finally be safe from all the conflicts.

It is Brad's story of trying to live in peace in America and overseas, told by a musical photographer, capturing laughing, joy, sorrow whether through Brad's acoustic stadium rock or Flogging Molly or a Johnny Cash ballad.